What to eat in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India

Meerut – Destination for great food

Meerut, an ancient city near Delhi (now a part of National Capital Region), is famous for Revdi, Gajak, Scissors, Sports goods and musical instruments all over India. The rebellion of 1857 started from here! It has one of the largest cantonment too and houses biggest fair “Nauchandi” after the festival of Holi.

Meerut is a paradise for food lovers as well. The food here is pure, delicious and full of flavour. I am visiting Meerut since last 7 years now as my husband belongs to Meerut. I fell in love with the food here, its somehow very different from what we get in Delhi.

In my blog i have covered few of my favourite things to eat in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.

On the way – Jain Shikanji, Modi Nagar, Uttar Pradesh

While driving on NH-58 you will not miss Jain Shikanji. There are many replicas now but the original one is next to the Modi Nagar, Police Station. The sweet and salted lemon soda with special masala called Shikanji pulls us every time we drive to or from Meerut. They also sell Shikanji Masala and trust me its worth every penny.

They also have delicious Paneer Pakora which we love with Shikanji.

Jain Shikanji Modi Nagar

Things to eat in Meerut

Hariya ji Ki Lassi

Almost 50 year old outlet in Lal Kurti, Meerut sells one of the best sweet lassi. The lassi is made with fresh yogurt and sugar and topped with malai (thick layer of cream) and barfi (indian sweet) and served chilled in a earthen pot.

One glass of this sweet lassi will fill you up and you will sleep the whole afternoon. Its totally worth having!

Hariya ji ki Lassi, Meerut

RK Ke Kebab

RK Restaurant on Garh Road is a very small outlet and serves some lip smacking seekh kebab. They are mutton and buff mixed, made in front of you on the coal and served with delicious green chutney and onions. One plate has four kebabs and if you are a non-veg crazy like me, one plate won’t be enough for you.

They also have chicken tikkas, korma (curry) and roomali rotis but somehow we just love their mutton kebabs and we go again and again to have them. Best is to sit in the car and eat. They give full service in your car! Perk of India

RK Kebab, Meerut

Kwality Ka Butter Chicken

Kwality Restaurant is located near Hanuman Chowk and is one of the oldest restaurant in Meerut. The place looks like the ones we used to visit in our childhood. They have not renovated, they don’t have AC, they serve in cutlery which my grandparents used to own but the food here is outstanding! My friends who belong to Meerut talk about their Chinese dishes but i visit them again and again for their delicious Butter Chicken.

Their Butter chicken has such a delicious flavourful gravy which is not sweet like we get all over Delhi! The taste is consistent and that is what makes me come back here. I love to cook and still i can’t guess their secret ingredients. I think its dry coriander but i can only guess! The dish has tandoori chicken in gravy which is topped with butter and a little cream. It tastes perfect with Butter Naan or Tandoori Roti. We have even got it packed many times on our way to Delhi.

Butter Chicken, Kwality, Meerut

Rohtash Ki Kachori aur Jalebi

Roshtash located in Saket, Meerut serves some delicious Kachori with aloo ki sabji in the mornings. They taste better when you finish them with fresh Jalebis. The breakfast satisfies to the core and jalebis take you to heaven. The spicy aloo ki sabji, crispy kachori and sweet jalebi is perfect brunch for us while in Meerut.

Rohtash Jalebi, Meerut

Delhi Waale ke Chole Bhature

There are many people selling chole bhature all over Meerut. Pinky Chole Bhature is also quite famous but i think the best ones are from Delhi waale ke chole bhature. He has outlet in Abu lane and seating next door at Flavours. The chole are perfect not to spicy or full of oil and masala.

Avon ki Pineapple Ice cream

Near the famous Abu Lane and Chaat Bhandar you will find many small carts serving ice cream in the evenings. We always stop at Avon for a cup of Pineapple Ice Cream. They serve you ice cream in a glass bowl old fashioned way topped with shredded pineapple and cashews. I ask them to put the pineapple in the bottom as well! Their vanilla ice cream and so called pineapple tastes amazing and takes me back to my childhood when we used to get such ice cream.

Avon Icecream, Meerut

My Favourite Restaurants In Meerut

Meerut has some great restaurants as well like Crystal Palace, Indiana, Golden Palms, Raj Mahal but my favourites are the following three.


Located in Civil Lines, Olivia hosts many weddings, birthdays and parties. I have stayed here twice as well. They have comfortable rooms and a great terrace restaurant called Santorini. Its beautifully done in white and blue, gazebo style seating with great service and delicious food. We have dined here in large groups many times. The starters, pasta, mains everything is good here.

Harmony Inn

Harmony Inn is located on Garh Road and has Barrel- The Bar, Melting Pot- Multi Cuisine Restaurant and Bamboo Shek- Terrace restaurant. I have dined many times at Melting Pot and Bamboo Shek. They make delicious Rogan Josh, Dal Makhni and Bhuna Gosht. Bamboo Shek has beautiful ambience and have live music most of the days. The starters and drinks are worth trying here.

Bhuna Mutton, Harmony Inn, Meerut

Outer Limit

Outer Limit is located in Sharma Nagar, near Saket Meerut. It is an amazing restaurant and full on weekends. They have a personal room for big groups and we always take that when we visit. I really enjoy their Butter Chicken and Kadhai Paneer. Their quantities are good and service is superb.

Mashed Potatoes, Outer Limit, Meerut
Santorini, Olivia, Meerut



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  1. You forgot to mention Radhey ki chaat but many of the other places are a revelation ,been trying butter chicken from different places here and Kwality, thanks to you, will now be the next on our list.

    • Will definitely try Radhey Ki chat. I have mentioned the ones i really like for someone who visits like me sometimes and is looking for options to eat. Thanks for responding Amber! I love Meerut food

      • There are many restaurants of #Haleem_Biryani but most famous are ‘ARD Rehman Biryani’ near to Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower ‘Heart of the Meerut’) and ‘Haji Sayeed Family Restaurant’ near to Gulmarg Cinema.
        I want to add something more..
        people come from different cities just like Delhi , Nodia , Ghaziabad , Hapur , Bijnor , Muzaffar nagar , Garh , Baghpat etc to Having #Haleem_biryani at that Restaurants

  2. Khaleefa ki kachori and jalebi (budhana gate)
    Shiv falooda kulfi (ghanta ghar)
    By any chance did you get halwa parantha somewhere apart from nauchandi ?

    • I am definitely going to eat what you suggested. Halwa paratha is available at Nizzamuddin and Jama Masjid, Delhi

  3. As on Today Haleem Biryani of Arshad is having most wonderful taste , it in on Hapur road near shapir gate….You can easily find it after watching a huge crowd.But you have get there before 2 PM other wise it will get finished.

  4. Hi, The Yellow Chilli in Shastri Nagar is also a great place to dine, may be you should visit the restaurant the next time you are in Meerut.

  5. Thanks for the blog
    As I am having an exam in merut next week I was wondering what, where will I eat in merut ? And now i have plenty options #BIGHELP


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