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Tuk Tuk is your one stop to the amazing quality, authentic and delicious Pan Asian delicacies. We in India love Chinese and since childhood we go out to eat Chinese food. I have tried many deliveries for Asian food but was never fully satisfied.  And I always thought maybe this cuisine is meant to be eaten there and then in a good restaurant but Tuk Tuk really changed my outlook.

They have designed a great menu which covers all our favourite Asian dishes. The name comes from colorful Tuk tuks of Thailand. They have the best packaging in town.  Colourful huge box (which is reusable and comes with your name) is filled with individually packed small boxes of your order with tiny containers for sauces and various toppings for your khao Suey.

I ordered Shishoto Chilli Chicken, Mr. Chu’s Special, Shanghai Square Fried Rice and Tuktuk Khao Suey.

The Shishoto Chilli Chicken was the best chilli chicken you will have. Unlike the one with lots of cornflour and small pieces of chewy chicken this one had big juicy slices of chicken sauteed with colourful peppers and scallions. It had red chilli and garlic and we loved it! It didn’t even looked as it was overflowing with artificial colouring.


Mr. Chu’s Special was shredded crispy lamb which was topped with sesame seeds. It was spicy with a little sweetness. Nicely cooked. Again a must try!

Shanghai Square fried rice was one of the best fried rice. I loved it when am not even a fried rice fan, for me its always noodles. The rice had lovely aroma of garlic. It only had chilli and not a overload of veggies. The rice went perfect with dry appetisers.


The best and the star of the evening was Tuktuk Khao Suey (chicken). Everything was individually packed from noodles to gravy to crispy noodles to six toppings (chilli flakes, lemon, crispy onions, peanuts, roasted garlic and green onions). It’s a complete meal in itself and their serving is good for two. The Khao Suey is never great when it comes in delivery. I have always enjoyed it in restaurants but this one was just like you are eating outside. The gravy was perfectly cooked with lots of chicken and mushroom in coconut milk gravy. Guys you have excelled in this one!


The whole meal was perfect for 4 people. It is value for money! I didn’t have to warm the food, thanks to the superb packing.

One line describes it “Restaurant quality Asian food at home which won’t even pinch your pocket”

Great job Tuktuk team! Can’t wait to order again!

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