Chaayos- Lot more than Tea

Chaayos is continuously doing their experiments with Tea and they also keep

Tulsi Green Tea and Mutton Cutlet

introducing delicious savouries in their seasonal menus. During my recent visit i tired their newly launched winter menu. People who visit Chaayos regularly must be aware that they used have delicious Palak Patta Chaat in their summer menu, Jalebis and pakode in the Monsoon Menu and kuttu atta halwa in Navratra Menu.


But this time, Chaayos has done wonders with their Winter Menu. They have launched some delicious non-vegetarian items which goes so well in this weather with your Tea and will fill you up so well!

I went with my son, we sat outside and with my newly launched Tulsi Green Tea, ordered Mutton Cutlets to begin with. The cutlets were crisp and spicy. They were served with delicious Mint Mayo. They also have chicken cutlets.

In our second course we tried their Butter Chicken Kulhad and Chicken Keema open paratha. Both the things were really very good. I can’t decide which one was better!

Keema Paratha
Kulhad Butter Chicken

The Butter Chicken came in two pretty Kulhads and fluffy Kulchas. The chicken was not too sweet nor too creamy. It was just perfect! It had small chunks of boneless chicken. The open paratha on the other hand was a perfect desi pizza. Crisp and flaky paratha, topped with spicy chicken keema and cheese. My son loved it!

To end our perfect winter meal we ordered moist chocolate cake. The cake was small but it was perfect to end an amazing meal. It had moist centre which was oozing out with delicious chocolate.



Its your time to try #chaayoswinter menu now!