I never learnt cooking from anyone. While growing up i used to see my mom cooking sometimes. At the age of 21, i was located in the US and had to take care of a kitchen full time and i made cooking my passion. I learnt on my own through lots of experiments. The Indian recipes were inspired from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and global recipes used to be from Food TV which is aired in States. There wasn’t much on google in year 2000 like you have so many videos now.

I love to cook and still keep experimenting with food. I enjoy cooking non vegetarian dishes more.

In my blog i have compiled some easy recipes for you. These are tried and tested and my family and friends love them!

You can also try, its really simple!

Few things when you cook:

  1. Good mood: if you are happy and feel good whatever you cook will turn out to be great
  2. Be patient: few things can’t be pushed. There are shortcuts but for example if you are roasting your masala, do it well else your gravies will never taste good
  3. Do taste: A good chef always tastes and then serves. You can make necessary changes before serving
  4. Instinct: Its not necessary to follow a recipe point to point, feel free to make changes as per your tastes and liking. It will be your version and will turn out as per your family tastes. Just grab an idea from the recipes

Few Recipes