Chaayos- Experiments with Tea

This Saturday afternoon me and my hubby went for brunch at Chaayos, SDA Market. It was a specially curated menu for us and we loved every bit of it. Let me take you through our three rounds in detail and in the end will recommend few must haves.

Our meal was started with two kulhads (earthen cups) of refreshing kesar (saffron) infused masala tea, which we simply loved. The quantity of milk was perfect and the kulhads gave delicious flavour to the tea. With the tea came crispy palak patta chaat, Napoli sandwich and chicken kebab bun. The palak patta chaat was very very crisp, topped with bhujia, onions, red chutney and was served with curd on the side. We polished it off immediately..was soo great. Napoli sandwich had cheesy garlic mushroom stuffed in focaccia bread. Yummilicious

In the second round we were served refreshing Aam Panna Iced Tea and Strawberry Pineapple iced tea…both were really good but Aam Panna got us! With the iced teas came Kulhad Matar Kulcha and Loaded chicken cheese max. The Matar were delicious, like home cooked, it came in kulhad and was topped with chopped tomatoes and onions and served with two fluffy buttered kulchas. The chicken max was superb, a different kind of hot dog actually but a way better version. It was loaded with cheese, chicken and sauce.

We were so full for the third and last round but we went ahead as we love desserts 🙂 We were served one of my favourite shakes, chickoo shake and man it was delicious! Thandi chai (like cold coffee) was also served which tasted like thandai to both of us. Along came two huge slices of cakes- chocolate factory and fruit factory. The fruit cake had nuts and dates and the chocolate cake was topped with nuts with swirls of chocolate sauce in between.

In the end my recommendation for the must haves (actually everything was really good but these are must haves!)

Palak Patta Chaat, Napoli Sandwich, Loaded Chicken Max, Aam Panna Iced Tea, Chickoo Shake and Fruit Factory…And definitely your choice of tea :-)Hope you have great meal with your tea at Chaayos..we loved it!





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