Butter Chicken in a Bun at Papa Buns

Chicken curry in a BUN

I saw so many pictures and videos on Instagram of the chicken gravy popping out of the loaf of a bread that i could not wait to visit Papa Buns to put my fork in that bun and take a huge bite. It somehow looked so comforting and satisfying in the pictures.

We visited the nearest one at Satyaniketan, South Campus which was actually half an hour drive from our place. It was a nightmare to park in the market as there is big dig happening in the front.

The place was empty maybe Tuesday night or its just five months old and not many people know about it. We placed our order of two Bunny Chows, one butter chicken and other chicken korma. My son wanted to have the bun filled with chicken, so he ordered that for him. He was even allowed to enter the open kitchen where he saw how they were making their Buns.

IMG_20170613_220827 IMG_20170613_215921

The buns came right from the oven, piping hot and man! they were delicious. The Butter Chicken Bunny Chow tasted much better than Chicken Korma. The sweet and buttery taste of the gravy went so well with the bread. They took half a loaf of bread and then filled it with chicken. It was served with delicious green chutney and masala onions. The chicken bun was nice and crisp, golden on outside and filled with chicken in Italian seasoning and served with a great dip (mayo and tomato sauce mixed). We ordered Paan Mojito to go with our meal. We polished the food in seconds :p

A beautiful and delicious concept. I loved it, my husband adored it and my son went mad. I want to go back with my parents soon as my mom loves bread more than roti. And also next time will have their chocolate bun which i could not eat as i was so full.

It was not much on the pocket as well just INR 831 for the whole meal. They have one more branch at GTB Nagar and opening soon in Indrapuram. Come to Malviya Nagar soon!!!

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