Burger Singh’s Desi Burgers

Super Delicious Burgers with Desi twist which were actually really very good!

My family really loves burgers and we loved the unique flavors of Burger Singh…it was actually very tough to decide which one we liked the most. We ordered four burgers and all were equally yummy.

Let me take you from the most loved flavor to next one as per my taste buds

  1. Amritsari Murg Makhani Burger had delicious chicken patty, butter chicken gravy flavoured sauce and cheese. The sauce was delicious and that’s why this burger topped my list
  2. Bihari Gosht Burger had mutton patty which tasted like shaami kebab, spicy bihari sauce, onions and cheese..really loved this one too… people who love mutton and fire will love it..
  3. United States of Punjab Chicken burger had tandoori sauce which gave nice flavor to the chicken patty. The onions and cheese went perfectly with the tandoori flavor.
  4. White Guy Chicken Burger, a classic chicken burger with their special white sauce, onions, cheese and a yummy red sauce. My son loved this one. A safe burger for the ones who doesn’t want to experiment much.

Overall a great experience, we were quite satisfied. All the burgers stood out on flavor. One burger is good for a person and they are reasonably priced too!

I also want to add about their beautiful and thoughtful packing. The box actually opens up into a plate. It comes with tissue, ketchup, mustard, green chutney, mouth freshener and HAND SANITIZER!! Isn’t it great???

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