Biryani Delivery in South Delhi, India

Suddenly there is Biryani craze in Delhi. In last few months only i tried so many places which delivers Biryani in my area!And trust me all of them are really good with beautiful packing, amazing quality and great taste. Biryani is a very famous rice dish made with spices and generally meat. Vegetarian options are also widely available to cater to those who wants to experience its flavour and taste.

There were times when only Deez Biryani was the one who used to deliver in Handis and we used to see its advertisement in the newspapers. Few years back i used to get Biryani prepared from random vendors in Chandni Chowk for house parties. But today we have loads of options available all around us. Here are few of the amazing Biryani delivery outlets which you can also try.

1| Biryani By Kilo

Biryani by kilo is one of the best in this segment. They make Biryani in traditional dum  style using high quality ingredients. It is made in individual Handis / clay pots and sent home with small angeethis / burners to warm it before serving. Other than hyderabadi biryani, lucknawi biryani, kolkatta biryani they have vegetarian options, kebabs, curries, ulte tave ka paratha and delicious phirni/ dessert. They have a website and app for online order and are spread over enitre Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon.

Their Biryani is fragrant with juicy pieces of meat and not so spicy or oily. They have one of the best mirchi ka salan. They have delicious Paneer Pasanada and Phirni too. I liked their Mutton / Gosht Hyderabdai Biryani more than Lucknawi Biryani.

Price: 1 kg Chicken Biryani starts from Rs 695/- You can also order 1/2 kg.

2| Biryani Blues

Biryani Blues delivers within minutes and is spread over South and Central Delhi including Dwarka, Noida and Gurgaon. They only serve Hyderabadi Biryani and Andra dishes which includes starters and curries. They have different sizes of Biryani and one can also get extra pieces of chicken or mutton. I tried their both Chicken and Mutton Biryani. Both were equally good. The chicken pieces were juicier than the mutton though! Their Biryani comes in plastic containers and one Extra is good for 2 people. We are small eaters so 3 of us eat comfortably. Their Biryani is spicy and comes with onions and mirchi ka salan. Do order raita to go with it or fix one at home because its Hot!

Price: Extra Rs 450

3| Behrouz Biryani

Behrouz Gosht Biryani

Behrouz Biryani is spread all over Delhi NCR, Gujarat, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. They deliver dum-phukth style shahi biryani. Their Biryani has cashew, almond, raisins, fried onions with spices. The biryani has a mild flavour because of onions. It is priced well and comes with raita and green chutney. I liked their Dum Gosht/ Mutton Biryani more than the Bhuna Murg / Chicken Biryani. They come in cardboard boxes.

Price: Chicken Biryani starts at Rs 300

4| Go Biryani

Go Biryani is new in the market. It has just three outlets at present one in South Delhi, one in Noida and one in Gurgaon. Their Biryani is really good! I tried their Chicken and Mutton both. The King size has three pieces of meat and is good for two people. It comes with raita and salan. The Biryani is perfectly spiced and the rice doesn’t feel dry. They have perfectly priced it. They also have few appetisers and desserts. I really liked Paneer 65 and stuffed shaami kebabs.

Price: King size Chicken Biryani Rs 289

5| Rice and Spice

Rice and Spice is from a home chef Gunjan and she has done wonderful job with the Dum Pukht Hyderabadi Biryani. Currently she has only one delivery outlet at Malviya Nagar. I loved her mutton biryani, it was well spiced with lots of flavour and the meat pieces were soft and juicy. She also has delicious Gajar ka Halwa which is nicely roasted and doesnt have loads of khoya. I have also mentioned them in my Malviya Nagar article too. Have a look here Best Things to Eat in Malviya Nagar, South Delhi

Price: Rs 675 for 1 kg Chicken Biryani

 6| Mastani Biryani

Mastani Biryani is a year old in South Delhi now. They have five outlets in South Delhi at present. They also serve vegetarian Biryani, few appetizers, curries and shakes plus delicious Moong Dal Halwa. The rice is quite long, not too oily or spicy. Their mirchi ka salan is really good and i love the Chaach and Moong Dal Halwa. The packing is really beautiful, full of colors.

Price: Rs 299 for Gosht Buster/ Mutton Biryani

Other than the delivery options, i really like Biryani from Al Jawahar, Chandni Chowk , Delhi, Kebab Gali, Malviya Nagar and spicy biryani from Anand Restaurant, Connaught Place, Delhi. I somehow never liked Deez Biryani so haven’t mentioned them here.

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