Back to Back Ladies Night in South Delhi

Summer Break is on and my son was away for a week to Corbett National Park. I didn’t have to cook, put him to bed or get up really early in the morning, so i decided to explore Ladies Night in Delhi every night of the week. We have limited our going out since two-three years. And i wanted to see if i could party every night like the older was a self test and i wasn’t sure i could do it and still go to work in the morning.

We started with Tuesday at TabulaBeach Cafe

it was on my list since a long time but somehow Tuesdays never happen as we are always so tired of going out three days in a row from Friday to Sunday and Mondays and Tuesdays are generally at home, eating healthy food. We reached at 9:30, the drinks were on the house till 12. I got four coupons at the entry. The tables outside were reserved and all taken, inside there were groups of girls and i was happy to see many all-girls groups. They were serving beer and cocktails for girls. The best part was a separate counter for girls and the music. The place got really crowded post 1030. We ordered a pizza, which was really good, at the bar only. Then we danced a lot. It was a hip-hop night.


Pros: Crowd, Club Feel, Great Music, Good Food, Nice Cocktails and Free drinks till 12 am

Cons: Stags, Plastic Glasses for cocktails, Limited Drinks and dirty washroom

Damage: 1200 INR for a pizza and two pints of beer for my hubby


Wednesday we wanted to visit Groghead By Turquoise Cottage

TC has recently moved here from Saket. The place is huge but the crowd was less. They had no limit on drinks or timing. The music was great. We chilled outdoors and danced on rock music. They were offering Kingfisher Ultra pints, mojito, cosmopolitan, sangria etc for ladies. The food is really good here.


Pros: all time favourite music, Made to order cocktails, no time cap or drink limit for ladies, good food

Cons: Less crowd (maybe new and people are still not aware)

Damage: 1400 INR for quesadilla, smoked chicken and two pints of drinks

I searched for options for Thursday when OTB at Khan Market popped

I had never been to a ladies night at Khan Market, always went there for dinner, so we decided to head there. Ladies night was only from 9-11 pm. They were just serving caprioska. The place is very small, it was full with families on the first floor. There was loud music on the second floor and all the tables were occupied. We sat outside. It was really dull after Tabulabeach and Groghead. My drink was good. I had two drinks. Ordered a chicken ceaser salad and sat there for only an hour or so. Khan market is not for action i guess :-p

We have visited TC Adchini or Summerhouse Cafe on Thursday many times and their Ladies night is really good but we skipped this time as wanted to explore new places.


Pros: Dinner place, Huge Menu..thats it..nothing else impressed me

Cons: Formal atmosphere, Small place, Just one variety of drink, 9-11 time cap, slow service

Damage: 1100 INR for ceaser salad and two pints of beer

Friday and Saturday there were no ladies night so we met up with our friends.

Sunday we were back, this time at Raasta at Hauz Khas Village

I have been there many times but never on a Sunday night as its not a night for partying when you have school/office on Monday. The place was buzzing with crowd, nicely dressed women and amazing music. There were cocktails for girls. The place was so crowded that getting a drink was a task! The electronic music kept us on our feet. We didn’t eat anything there as hardly any place to stand let alone eat.

Pros: Great Music, Nice Cocktails, No time cap, Huge place inside as well as terrace

Cons: Too much crowd, not much variety of drinks for ladies, Staff has attitude

Damage: INR 900 for three pints of Beer

So end of the week, i explored many places for ladies night in South Delhi. And i passed the test of partying almost every night and then going to work as well. I hope my blog will give you an idea of what to expect and where to find ladies night in South Delhi as i never found any latest blog on this. I really enjoyed dancing at Tabulabeach and my drinks at The Groghead by TC.


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